Four Star Chiro Contour II Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow

GST Inclusive

Four Star’s Chiro Contour Pillow provides anatomical support in  combination with the pressure relieving materials. 

The contour of the pillow gently cradles the curve of your head and neck perfectly, providing improved muscle relaxation and blood circulation. 

*Cooling Sensation

The Gel- infused memory foam created a cool sleeping surface and that is not all. It absorbs body heat and releases it through multiple ventilation holes. 

This heart dispersion process creates a cycle that regulates temperature and improves quality of sleep. 

*Tencel fabric

- Anti Bacterial:

Tencel absorbs moisture efficiently 

and this creates an unfavourable environment for bacteria growth. 

- Cooling:

Tencel absorbs moisture completely and naturally, and then releases it back to the atmosphere, allowing you to stay cool on a hot day. 

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